1908 Postcard - Image & Signature attributed to Chief White Elk Item#V003

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Post Card image of a man standing in the base cavity of a large tree trunk. Online references suggest this image is of an "international fraudster, an Italian-American born Edgardo Laplante, who travelled the world as a Chief White Elk, seducing women and living off the generousity of others. He was, however, remarkably effective at selling war bonds during the First World War." from another card referencing the subject: https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=19261741900

Card obverse has a written signature (mark) attributed to "Chief White Elk". Card is Fine condition. Postally unused.

The Gowen, later Gowen Sutton published original photos of and in Vancouver and the lower B.C. regions early in the 20th century. This card was purchased from an estate auction in Edmonton, Alberta.